Why Would I Need an STD Test?

You may be wondering if you should get tested for a sexually transmitted disease (STD), but how do you know for sure that it’s necessary? Below are some of the situations in which getting tested would be important to your well-being. 

Here at New Beginnings OB-GYN in Las Vegas, Nevada, our Dr.  Staci McHale offers safe, discreet, and fast STD testing. We want to make sure all of our patients are as healthy and safe as possible, and early detection of an STD is a part of that promise. 

Why STD testing is important 

According to a 2018 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have all increased since 2014. This is just one of the reasons STD testing is important, as many people don’t realize these issues are actually on the rise. 

In addition, STD testing is a necessary part of health care because, contrary to popular belief, you’re not always going to realize it if you have an STD. While some of these infections have distinct, clear symptoms, others have only mild symptoms that can be confused for other issues. And sometimes STDs have no symptoms at all. 

Who needs STD testing 

You might still be unsure if you would actually need STD testing. Here are some of the situations that would call for an STD test.

You have symptoms of an STD

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but many people don’t know what the symptoms of an STD are. They can include (but are not limited to) a burning sensation during urination, itching or irritation, pain in your abdomen, sores on the genitals or mouth, discharge with an odd color or bad odor, and pain or bleeding during vaginal sex. 

You’re about to start having sex with someone new

It’s always a good idea to get tested before embarking on a new sexual relationship. You and your partner should get tested to make sure you’re both aware of any of the possible dangers associated with STDs. Remember, even if they say they don’t have an STD, they might not know for sure without testing. 

You have multiple partners 

Having sex with more than one person can potentially increase your chance of getting an STD. Therefore, if you have multiple partners, or if you’re sleeping with someone who has multiple partners, it is important to get tested. 

You and your partner are considering unprotected sex

If you and a partner have been having protected sex and are considering sex without protection, it’s a good idea to get tested, just to make sure this is a safe choice for the both of you.

Your partner was unfaithful

People in monogamous relationships who find out a partner slept with someone else often experience a series of devastating emotions. But whatever you decide to do, it’s extremely important that you get tested to make sure you haven’t contracted an STD. 

You have had an STD in the past 

If you had an STD in the past and it was treated, it is still important to be aware of your status. Getting tested every couple of years is a good way to make sure everything is managed or treated in the way you understand it to be. 

Should I get an STD Test? 

It’s never a bad idea to get tested for an STD. Even if you’re in a monogamous relationship, you and your partner may have never been tested, and you could still be carrying around an undiagnosed STD. Therefore, there’s almost always a reason to get tested, just to be aware of your situation. 

To make an appointment for an STD test, call our office at 702-381-5184 or book an appointment online at your earliest convenience. 

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