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Diabetes, hypertension, medical diseases, and other factors can make a pregnancy high risk. At New Beginnings OB-GYN in Las Vegas, Nevada, the group of skilled medical specialists are trained in high-risk obstetrics and have provided countless women with comprehensive prenatal care. Ensuring the safety of you and your baby, preventing complications, and lowering risks are the primary goals when helping you through pregnancy. Call or book your consultation online to learn more.

Pregnancy Q & A

What is high-risk obstetrics?

High-risk obstetrics is the medical specialty centered around treating women with pregnancies that have a higher risk of complications.

If mother or baby has an increased chance of having a health problem, the pregnancy is considered high risk and requires extra monitoring and care by an obstetrician that’s trained in high-risk obstetrics.

What makes a pregnancy high-risk?

Many factors can make your pregnancy high risk, including medical conditions that are present before your pregnancy or medical conditions that develop during the pregnancy for either mother or baby.

Advanced maternal age

Pregnancy risks are generally higher for women who are over the age of 35. The same applies to women who are younger than 17 and aren’t fully developed.

Lifestyle choices

Taking certain illegal drugs, alcohol consumption, and smoking cigarettes can put your pregnancy at risk.

Surgical history

A history of surgery on your uterus, a surgery for uterine tumors, and multiple cesarean sections can also increase your pregnancy risks.

Medical history

A history of certain chronic medical conditions increases pregnancy risks, such as chronic high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disorders, blood-clotting disorders, infections, and respiratory problems.

Previous pregnancy complications

Women who’ve had previous pregnancy complications and miscarriages are at a high risk for current complications.

Multiple pregnancies

Pregnancy risks are higher for women carrying multiple babies, such as twins and triplets.

Pregnancy complications

Various complications can develop during pregnancy, including abnormal placenta position and gestational diabetes — where blood sugar levels become too high.

Other reasons a pregnancy may be high-risk include:

  • Preterm labor
  • If the baby has kidney, heart, or lung problems
  • If the baby has a genetic condition, such as Down syndrome
  • If the mother is taking certain medications or develops an infection
  • Ectopic pregnancy — when the egg implants outside the uterus after fertilization

What are the benefits of prenatal care?

Prenatal care provides many benefits, including ease of communication and access to a group of specialized medical professionals who are monitoring and tracking your pregnancy every step of the way to ensure the safety of you and your baby.

Regular checkups, screenings, and personalized care can help you to have a better and safer pregnancy. Prenatal care minimizes the chance of discomfort and pregnancy complications.

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