Is Pain During Intercourse Normal?

Sex is a natural act and has many health benefits. Sexual intercourse can reduce stress and blood pressure, lower your risk of a heart attack, improve self-esteem, and relieve pain. 

Unfortunately, problems like dyspareunia (painful sex) can make enjoying the experience more difficult. And while it is a common gynecological problem, you may be wondering if it is a normal thing to experience. To find out more, let’s explore the different types of dyspareunia and your options for treatment.

Those in the Las Vegas, Nevada area experiencing pain during intercourse can find help with the award-winning team of Dr. Staci McHale and her skilled medical staff at New Beginnings OB-GYN.

Different types of pain during sex

Painful sex can be the result of different problems based on where the pain is:

Entry pain

Intraorbital or superficial dyspareunia is a pain that happens as penetration starts at the entrance of your vagina, and can be due to injury, lack of lubrication, or a possible infection.

Deep Pain

Deep pain, also called collision dyspareunia, takes place in the cervix or lower abdomen. The severity of the pain can change in different positions. It is commonly the result of a medical condition or a previous surgery.

Causes of dyspareunia

Many underlying conditions could be causing your pain, including:

Painful sex can happen for many reasons, and up to three out of four women experience it in their lifetime. If you’re struggling with this, seek medical help to diagnose the cause and get treatment.

Treatment options

Treatment options vary depending on the cause, but they include lubricants, topical estrogen, ospemifene (Osphena), and a vaginal capsule called prasterone (Intrarosa). 

Therapies can also help you manage this pain, such as desensitization therapy which focuses on relaxation exercises, and sex therapy to address deeper intimacy issues that may result from the pain. Cognitive behavioral therapy can also help to correct negative thoughts and behaviors connected to painful sex.

Dyspareunia can happen for many reasons, but whether you deal with it once or regularly, you should get help. Make an appointment with Dr. McHale and her team at New Beginnings OB-GYN today to get relief from sexual pain.

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